Jedi Vs Sith Coruscant by kw3k

Jedi Knight Academy Roleplay.
The Wikia is for the people who are dedicated to their characters, items, and the events within the roleplay, and want to expand upon them in a different sort of manner.

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What are the Archives?

This wikia is a direct counterpart to JKRP. Within the pages, entries will be listed for the various characters, items, and happenings that go on within the roleplay. All of the work is considered non-canon for the Star Wars Universe, but certain canonical events/items/people will occur every now and then.

Adding a New Entry to the Archives.

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Message from the admins

If you have a problem, ask Danny, Conor, Jay, Dave or Sham, Report incidents such as accidentaly deleting an archive or messing up an archive, dont try and hide it because the admins can look at the history and see it, Basically its for the best if you tell the admins rather than get yourself into more trouble.
- The Admins

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